Bliss Photography

Bliss photography  was founded in 1982 by Declan Carr, and in the early days was a general photographic business .The work was wide ranging,covering press, public relations, portraits and weddings.Around 1989 Declan  undertook an in depth study of the wedding photography market.

What he found was very surprising, generally the standards were low. Most photographers were offering the same basic product, 20 to 24 pictures in an album. Price was based on the different album styles.Not much thought was put into the actual pictures. Declan  decided to change this, concentrating more on the actual photography and less on the albums (packaging).In 1990  he upgraded all of his existing clients to the new system of taking lots of  diverse pictures  including casual,informal and formal pictures..

By 1992 Bliss was the largest wedding photography company in the country covering 150 weddings every year.Ten years later the digital revolution arrived which required a whole new approach to wedding photography .Fortunately Declan had been looking at this technology for the previous two years and had purchased one of the first professional cameras to come on the market. He also joined the US based National Associationof Professional Photographers, the worlds formost resource for photographers. 

A new challenge now is the recession which has hit everyone hard this year. But life goes on and Bliss Photography is as commited to quality now as it was in 1982.